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      Shandong minde Chemical Co., Ltd. 2015 meeting

      In December 22, 2015, Shandong minde Chemical Co. Ltd., Shandong libaode chemical Limited by Share Ltd, Zibo the Great Wall chemical factory mainly responsible people gathered at the Shandong University of Technology academic exchange center conference room, held the 2015 annual meeting of Shandong toshinori.


          At the meeting, mainly discuss the merger of the company, and in 2016 for the company listed on the new three board laid the foundation. Secondly, the heads of the company made a detailed report of the company's work during the year of 2015.


          The company's board of directors to discuss the decision, Yamato Minori Chemical Co. Ltd. became the sole subsidiary of Shandong libaode chemical Limited by Share Ltd, Zibo the Great Wall chemical plant has become an important experimental base for the company. The members of the board of directors, members of the board of supervisors and executive members of the executive board were confirmed respectively.


          The second part of the conference is a summary of the company's 2015 financial, sales, and factory production status, and plans for the new year in 2016, in the form of PPT, by the department heads of the company.





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